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... údržba letadel od roku 1992

... aircraft maintenance since 1992


Our company ZLÍN – AVION service holds the MAINTENANCE ORGANISATION APPROVAL CERTIFICATE CZ.145.0027 issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, Czech Republic (CAA CZ) and offers comprehensive aircraft maintenance services.

Osvedèení o oprávnìní organizace k údržbì 

The company also holds the CONTINUING AIRWORTHINESS MANAGEMENT ORGANISATION APPROVAL CERTIFICATE CZ.MG.0037 (CAMO) issued by the CAA CZ. We follow the airworthiness of the aircraft type certificate issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). We will prepare the maintenance program for your aircraft and, as our customer, you will be periodically informed about its status. Of course there is a preferred service provision for your aircraft.

Osvedèení o oprávnìní organizace k øízení zachování letové zpùsobilosti 

We perform inspections, damage repairs and comprehensive overhauls of aircrafts with which we have an experience since 1992. We are specialized in aircrafts:

  • ZLIN Z 126, Z 226, Z 326, Z 526, Z 726, Z 50, Z 42, Z 142, Z 242, Z 43, Z 143, Z 181, Z 281 and Z 381
  • XTREMEAIR XA41 and XA42
  • CIRRUS SR20, SR22 and SR22T
  • CESSNA 150, 152, 172, 177, 182 and 206
  • BÜCKER Bü 131, Bü T-131PA, Bü 133, Bü T-133PA and Bü 181
  • AERO C-104
  • CASA 1.131
  • PILATUS P2-05/06 and other vintage machines

We provide maintenance of engines and propellers and propellers V 503 a V 500 special inspections in order to extend the TBO (time between overhauls. We also provide repairs and installations of electrical components and avionics.

A separate chapter in company activities are implementations of approved Supplement Type Certificates (STC), aircraft modifications and avionics installations (radios, transponders, ELTs,…). The company holds the STC and approved modifications for the conversions to models ZLIN Z 126 T, Z 226 M, Z 226 MS, Z 226 SL, Z 326 MF, Z 526 ASM, Z 526 F and Z 526 ML. We also offer conversions to models ZLIN Z 326 M, Z 526 M and Z 526 AFS-V.

We arrange the sale of aircraft, handle the legislation and provide advices related to the change of the aircraft owner, even if the plane is imported from abroad. We also arrange repairs and general overhauls of aircraft piston engines, propellers and another equipment including avionics.

                                                                                      Two of four Macedonian airforce Z 242 L maintained by our company 

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